Friday, May 11, 2007

Adbux - Best earning program available on internet now

Adbux is a genuine 'pay to click 'program.( I made 10$ in 6 days)
1 Click = 1 cent
Payment : Paypal ( Min 10$)
Downline income : 1 cent per click ( Your downline makes 100 click = You earn 1$)
Joining : FREE - More earning than Adbux
1 Click = 1 cent
Payment : Paypal ( Min 10$)
Downline income : 1 cent per click
Joining : FREE

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Clicksense is another genuine 'pay to click 'program.
1 Click = 1 cent
Payment : Cheque ( Min 10$)
Joining : FREE
They also offer some premium membership that gives more earning. Their referral program will help you earn in two ways.

Hits4pay - Get paid to read emails

Reading Emails earns you money.Receive Emails On Topics That Interests You
And Get Paid For It!

Hits4Pay is one of very few highest paying advertising
program in the industry.
All registered members get $10 as sign up bonus.

Slashmysearch - Earn when you search net also

Register in the site and make this site as startup page in your browser. Whenever you make a search you get around 1 cent.It is very easy to earn.Just do your searching from their page. Your account will be credited. How many thousands searches you had done free? Start searching to earn now.
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More recommended programs - Join depending on your interest

Earning from mobile
Fed up spending on mobile? Now your mobile earn for you.
Banglore based major IT company mginger will pay you to receive SMS ads on your mobile.
You only have to register your mobile number( Indian Mobile numbers only).
You read 1 SMS = You get 20 Paisa
Your friend read 1 SMS = You get 10 Piasa
Your friends's friend read a SMS = 5 Paisa
Payment :Cheque( Min 300Rs)
Joining : FREE
mginger free registration

Donkeymails ( Proven paid to read mail)
Very good program. You have to spend 2-6 minutes / day. Earn 0.1 to 1 cent per mail.

Wordlinx - New pay to click program.
Very good earning.Very easy. 1 cent per click.

Cashcrate - Get paid to complete surveys.
Get paid to complete free offers /sign ups. Earn upto $80 for a free sign up.

Linkgrand -Another paid to click program
Lot of Ads daily. Min 5$ payout. All clicks .3 cent.Very easy.

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Please Note: Join these programs according to the time and effort you can spend on internet. You also have to check the joined programs regularly to maximise the earning.Almost all programs listed here pays you via your paypal account. If you have no paypal account create a free account on paypal site.
After joining these programs send me a message using the form on right side. I will help you to build referrals and earn more. Please remember to include your username /ref ids of the programs joined in your message. Best of luck for good earning.